How to Get Scuba Diving Certification

18 Jun

Individuals who want to be professional divers need to be certified by the regulating authorities before they can take part in the activity.  A diving certification recognizes that one is authorized to do so and has completed the course of training required by the agency issuing the certificates and the card. In this article, we will take you through the procedure involved in becoming a certified scuba diver. Scuba diving certification has three main phases, these include, knowledge development, confined water dives, and open water dives.

In the first phase, one is taken through the scuba diving classes nj where they get to learn different principles of scuba diving. The following are the main principles that one is supposed to beware of, these include the essential factors to consider when planning dives, the right gears to choose when diving, as well as the underwater signals and other vital diving procedures.  In this phase, the trainees are guided by a trainer in a swimming pool or a pool like environments. Moreover, the instructor may use video tutorials to demonstrate the essential skills that the trainees need to learn before they are certified.

The second phase also referred to as the confined water dives take into account training of the scuba skill in a pool or in a confined water body such as a calm beach. The skills that one learn during this phase will enable them to become familiar with the scuba gears and become an underwater expert. The following are the essential skills that one is supposed to earn in this phase, these include setting up the scuba gears,  the steps to be taken while getting out of a scuba mask, the procedures involved in entering and exiting the water, buoyancy control, basic underwater navigation procedures, as well as the underwater safety procedures. The instructor will guide the learners n how to practice the skills in the second phase until they get comfortable and used to them, When one is ready and has learned all the skills both in the first and second phase, they will be taken to the third phase. Know more info about scuba lessons nj here.

In the thirst phase, the open water dives, the instructor will teach the trainees the advanced dives. In order to successfully go through the third phase, one will have to apply the skills learned in the confined water. However, the trainees will be guided by their instructor on how to dive in open waters. Once an individual has successfully gone through stages of scuba diving lesson, they stand a chance to be certified. Be sure to check out this website at and know more about scuba diving.

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